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Zanae – Greek Ready Meals

Zanae have been making traditional Greek canned ready meals in Thessaloniki since 1939. Their reputation is built on a commitment to quality, from the selection of ingredients through to the packing of the final product and this has earned them worldwide acclaim. The constant modernization of the company and investment in new methods and technology has kept Zanae’s quality standards at the very highest level, while they continue with the age-old recipes that have made their products so popular over the years. You can find out more about the company here: Zanae

Zanae’s signature dishes such as Giant Butter Beans, Stuffed Vine Leaves and Meatballs are part of a much larger range that you can buy here: Zanae Ready Meals . These can all be enjoyed individually as a snack or meal accompaniment, or as part of a Meze selection with salads, meats and cheese – the traditional Greek way. They are all ready-to-eat, can be served hot or cold and are both delicious and nutritious, with no added colours or preservatives.

Zanae also offer convenient ingredients like Roasted Red Peppers and Vine leaves for those who like to create their own dishes – you can buy these here: Vine leaves , Red Peppers

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