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Greek Honey – Attiki

Greece has an extremely varied landscape and enjoys long periods of sunshine – this encourages a richly diverse range of wild flora, including over 700 species found nowhere else in the world. As a result Greek honey has unique physical and organoleptic characteristics: it is dark and thick with concentrated, complex flavours and heady fragrances.

The Attiki company has been packing the best Greek honey since 1928, and they are both the oldest and the largest honey producer in Greece. It remains a family business and their success has been achieved through commitment to quality and support for their beekeepers. They invest heavily in research and training, and this pursuit of excellence has won Attiki many international awards.

You can learn more about the Attiki company here

Honey has many proven dietary and medicinal benefits – for example, the combination of glucose and fructose in honey is a unique mix which is good for preventing fatigue and enhancing athletic performance. Greek honey in particular boasts:

– high vitamin, enzyme, amino acid and mineral content
– rich in phenolic compounds (known for their cancer-fighting properties)
– anti-oestrogenic and oestrogenic properties (which help prevent osteoporosis and breast cancer)
– darker honeys have a higher mineral content and antioxidant potential

Attiki honeys are not processed or pasteurised – they are 100% natural, 100% pure and 100% Greek. The honey varieties that Attiki offer are multi-floral but with some there is one predominant flora (eg. thyme) and the varieties are labelled accordingly. If you have not tried any Attiki honey before we recommend you start with their classic blend of thyme & other wild flora which you can find here.

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